About Me

My name is Michael Turner.

From a very young age I’ve been interested in electronics. I remember when I was about 5 yrs old and my father gave me a piece of wood with a number of nails in it. Each of the nails was wired to one terminal of a motor, light bulb, switch, or battery terminal. Along with this board were a number of lengths of wire with crocodile clips on each end so you could quickly build simple circuits. From that I moved on to disassembling anything I could get my hands on, then on to store bought electronics kits. Eventually I ended up going to University and obtaining my BE in electrical engineering. I now work for an appliance company designing and improving… electronics.

Over recent years my interest in engineering has broadened to encompass more of the mechanical side as well. The idea of being able to turn my ideas into realities has always been the driving factor behind my interest in electronics, and now it steers me towards metal working as well. Unfortunately time, and money limit my opportunities to improve my metal work skills, but I’ve not let that stop me, I’m just taking a longer term view. One day I’ll have a workshop fitted out with a drill press, lathe and mill, but for the moment I make do with a selection of hand tools and an arc welder (which I’ve yet to master).

When I’m not designing and building I’m also a keen motorcyclist, rock climber,  fiancé, and carer of our two cats.

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