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For quite some time now I’ve been an avid creator and dreamer. Ever since I was old enough to pick up a screw driver I’ve been building things. At first these were kit sets from the local electronics shop. Later, after I obtained my degree in Electrical Engineering and more importantly, the necessary skills, I began to create my own… Devices? Creations? Whatever you want to call them.

While working on these projects of mine I often browsed the works of others, some particuarly noteworthy such as Charles Guan ( and Quinn Dunki (, and many others who’d done amazing work and taken the time to share their experiences with the public at large.

Shortly after beginning the planning stages of one of my projects I was convinced by a friend (Nighthawk, that I should blog my progress as a means of both documenting my progress and maintaining motivation. This, coupled with the desire to share my failings with the world so that others may learn from them, lead to the creation of this blog.

I make no promises, in two years time this could be a treasure trove of information or another dead site littering the internet. Here’s hoping for the former.



My first wordpress blog post

Just making my way though the start up procedure for wordpress. We’ll see what happens.